Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Gets Social With A Facebook-Inspired Shadow Palette

Is this really happening? Have I stepped into a warped alternate reality in which Yves Saint Laurent (or shall I say, Saint Laurent Paris) deigns itself to something … low-budget? Even a little bit … tacky? I’ll break the news to you, very slowly, and keep quiet now so we don’t have poor Yves rolling in his grave. In a shocking move, given the prestige nature of the brand overall, the beauty range (my favorite of YSL’s offerings and, rather appropriately, the only one I can afford) of the Parisian fashion house is going public with their love of Facebook. So public, in fact, that they’re willing to put it in writing — which they did, on the packaging of an exclusive new eyeshadow palette called “Devoted To Fans.”

All makeup snobbery aside, I am truly flummoxed as to why this exists. An astute commenter on British Beauty Blogger, where the news first ran, aired suspicions that this is merely a repackaging of YSL’s Pure Chromatics No1 set — which, upon my expert inspection, appears to be true. A limited edition release of 1,650 will be available via Facebook beginning July 19th, and only fans of the brand’s page will be able to purchase the palette (which, like all of the Pure Chromatics four-shadow kits, retails for $52). As a non-Facebook user and overall misanthrope, I’m not down with this, but do you like this idea? Would you like to see other beauty brands pay tribute to social media, or do you prefer keeping the two unrelated? [Racked via British Beauty Blogger]