Mississippi Museum To Lesbian Couple: You’re Not Welcome Here

  • A publicly-funded museum in Mississippi refuses to allow a lesbian couple to hold a commitment ceremony on their grounds. The Masonic Hall at the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum told Ceara Sturgis and Emily Key that it has a policy against same-sex couples. [Think Progress]
  • Marissa Meyer from Google has allegedly been appointed Yahoo’s new CEO, according to reports. [The Wrap]
  • On how President Obama could do more to protect immigrant women. [WomensENews]
  • Nine funny women who don’t defend Daniel Tosh’s rape joke. [Yahoo Shine]
  • The Buffalo News editor Margaret Sullivan has been named the new ombudsman/public editor of The New York Times. Sullivan will be the first-ever woman to hold the position. [NY Times]
  • How might “stereotype threats” drive women to quit science?  (Thanks to commenter SaraLing for the link!) [NPR]
  • Broadway actress Celeste Holm died this weekend at age 95. [New York Times]
  • More than 400 freed sex offenders in the UK went on to commit rape in the past three years after being released. [Telegraph UK]
  • Sexual harassment prosecutions are getting short shrift in India. [New York Times]
  • Ever wondered what it’s like to give birth in Guinea-Bissau? [AP]
  • Ms. Magazine answers the question, what does an African feminist look like? [Spectra Speaks]
  • Meet  Khadija Mohammed, 17, the first female weightlifter from the Middle East to compete in the Olympics, and the first-ever woman from the United Arab Emirates to qualify to compete. [Gawker]
  • … and meet a Malaysian athlete who will be eight month’s pregnant when she competes in the 2012 London Olympics. [New York Times]
  • Japanese actress Isuzu Yamada, who appeared in films by Kurosawa, died in Tokyo at age 95. [New York Times]
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