Women On Hill Receive Significantly Less Than Their Male Counterparts

Today in BS: female Republican House staffers make a whopping $10,093.09 less than the male Republican House staff. Yes, you should read that number again: $10,093.09!

The Democrats aren’t innocent either: female staffers on the Democratic side earn $1,473.65 less, on average, annually than their male counterparts. While the difference is not insignificant, my mind is completely blown looking at the difference that female and male Republican House staffers annually earn.

But it gets worse: all female staffers within the Senate have an even larger disparity between females and males, with women making an average of $7,277.69 less annually than the male staff.

This enormous wage gap is partially attributed to the gender disparity among the more powerful jobs on Capitol Hill. While  41 percent of House offices employed female chiefs of staff in 2010, women filled 84 percent of lesser-paying entry-level jobs, such as assistants.

And the worst news of all? To make sure this disparity stays strong, Senate Republicans blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act, a bill that would have filled in gaps that have not allowed women to be paid equally to their male counterparts. They claimed the bill would “invite unnecessary litigation.”

Unnecessary litigation? Seriously unreal.

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