“The Light In Her Eyes” Documentary Explores Koran’s Influence On Girls

Houda Al-Habash is not only seen driving her car in the opening scene of “The Light In Her Eyes,” but she is also steering hundreds of young Syrian girls and women to study the Koran. The 2011 documentary, airing on Thursday, July 19 on PBS’s Point Of View series, explores the impact studying the the Koran has on the girls and how it empowers them to become whatever they wish to be.

Houda wants Muslim girls to memorize the Koran so that they know what God will allow them to do — like having their own careers or even becoming the president. However, “The Light In Her Eyes” reveals not everyone supports girls and women studying the Koran. In fact, both men shown in this trailer discuss how women should “know her duties” — housekeeping, that is — and should not be praying in the mosque. It certainly gives the viewer a lot to think about regarding the intersections of feminism and religion.

We’ll definitely be tuning in to PBS to watch the full flick — or watching it online, where it will screen from July 20 to August 19.

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