Thinspo Blogger Who Fat-Shamed Kate Upton Vows To Change Her Ways

  • The anonymous pro-anorexia, “thinspiration” blogger who trashed curvaceous model Kate Upon on her Skinny Gossip blog for being “fat,” has said she will remove the “Starving Tips Of The Day” from her site and will include resources for eating disorders, depression and self-injury. However, it’s unfortunate that Skinny Gurl, as she calls herself, did so after getting death and rape threats. [NY Daily News]
  • Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, a Democrat, vetoed a bill which would have allowed employers and health insurance providers not to offer coverage for birth control, abortion, or sterilization if those things were against their own personal religious beliefs. “We want families making decisions — not insurance companies,” Gov. Nixon said. Good man. [Think Progress]
  • For the first time ever, this year more female athletes than male athletes will represent the USA at the Olympics. [The Mary Sue]
  • Comedian Daniel Tosh was heckled onstage? Waaaaaaaaah. [Feministing]
  • Police say a rapist in New York City trailed a tourist from the subway to her hotel, where he followed her inside, raped her and stole her money. [NY Times]
  • Meet Julie Aftab, a Pakistani woman who was attacked with acid at age 16 over her religion. Now she’s living in Texas and triumphing over the acid attack. [New York Daily News]
  • More on LPAC, the political action committee formed to help  candidates who support lesbians. [Guardian UK]
  • Households headed by women are more likely to give to charity than those headed by men. [Christian Science Monitor]

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