Kate Middleton’s Honeymoon Bikini Pics Posted Online — But How Bad Do We Feel About It?

A photograph of Kate Middleton in a bikini, allegedly from on her honeymoon with Prince William,  has been published on the cover of Women’s Day magazine. The royal couple, as you surely remembered, had requested that their weeklong honeymoon be kept private and chose a remote island in the Seychelles for that very reason.

Which begs the question: How much privacy from the prying eyes of photographers are Kate Middleton and Prince William entitled to?

According to royal photographer Mark Stewart, who spoke to Socialite Life, the couple’s privacy has been gravely invaded. “I’m surprised these have been published given that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were honeymooning at a private resort where they no doubt believed they had a full expectation of privacy,” Stewart said. “The Duke and Duchess gave the world full access to their wedding ceremony and released photographs and video to news outlets of the more private moments of their special day. I think a week out of the spotlight was not too much to ask for in return.”

His point about getting just a “week out of the spotlight” is true, of course. William and Kate asked for privacy on their honeymoon and I think there’s a reasonable expectation that that privacy should have been met, not only because they asked for it specifically but because it was their honeymoon. Honeymoons are supposed to be personal and private.

What sort of privacy are Kate and William entitled to, though? They did just share their wedding — arguably one of the most important moments of either of their lives — with billions of people around the world. We know what their homes, cars, dogs, and family members all look like. Is it acceptable to pick and choose what you want to share and what you don’t? I’m inclined to think that in this heavily mediated age when everyone has a camera on his cell phone, celebs can’t pick and choose what moments they want to share about their lives.  Sure, even the most famous celebrities are entitled to some reasonable amount privacy, if they ask for it.  It may be annoying to be photographed heaving kitty litter into the cart at the grocery store, but that may just be the price you may for being a high roller. (Obviously, I draw the line at lewd/sexual harassing/criminal invasions of privacy, like upskirt photos or rooting through someone’s trash. That’s unreasonable and a whole different level of wrong.) After being with the prince 10+ years now, I’m fairly certain Kate is aware she could be photographed at any time, even on her honeymoon.  There is a reason Kate spends baller amounts of money on clothes and gets her hair did, like, three times a week. And had William and Kate asked for privacy on some regular old vacation — which they may well do at some point — a lot of folks would just shrug. Kate’s problem is getting photographed without makeup on? My problem is my home is in foreclosure. It’s hard not to feel apathetic about this complaint of a bunch of privileged millionaires on a luxury vacay.

I also believe the royals aren’t stupid about the visual power they hold. Their faces move magazines, especially Kate’s face, and they have their pick of who to be interviewed by, when, and what to discuss. No magazine or newspaper wants to alienate Kate, William or the rest of the royals when it comes time for a baby announcement, first baby pics, and so forth. The never-before-seen pic likely got the cover of an Australian glossy because the royals would have alienated any UK pubs that want in on that. So, yes, it sucks their privacy was violated, but it’s difficult to feel like they are the ones being victimized when they have the UK and American press tamed.

What do you think about this honeymoon bikini pic being published? Let us know in the comments.

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