5 Reasons Katie Holmes Is A Bad Ass

I never thought I’d see the day where I’d announce on my Facebook wall (as that’s where I express my most passionate opinions): “Katie Holmes, you’re my fucking hero.” As an enthusiastic observer of all things Scientology, I pretty much assumed Katie Holmes was lost to the world, forever in the clutches of husband Tom Cruise, the ghost of L. Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige (the Church’s current leader), and the Church of Scientology itself. Oh sure, Tom and Katie would no doubt call it quits someday (I never for a second believed that union was based on love and sexual desire and real commitment), but Katie struck me as the type to go quietly, like Nicole Kidman before her. Well, Katie, I was wrong about you. You are the biggest suppressive person (SP) the Church of Scientology has ever known. You have attracted more attention to their nefarious practices than anyone before and for that, girlfriend, you are a bad ass. Here are five specific reasons why.

1. She used a disposable cellphone to communicate with her lawyers. Katie Holmes, have you been watching “The Wire”? The Barksdale crew would be PROUD. According to The Los Angeles Times, Katie used a disposable cell phone given to her by a friend to communicate with her lawyers so that her husband and his staff (all Scientologists!) wouldn’t know she was planning on leaving the marriage.

2. When she filed, she had already hired three law firms in three different states. Way to cover all your bases — and to make use of every single minute on that disposable cell.

3. She demanded that she be in charge of Suri’s schooling and that Suri would not be exposed to Scientology. Allegedly, one of the stipulations in their divorce agreement is that Katie has the lead role in determining six-year-old Suri’s education. That means no crappy Scientology school and study tech for her; real learnin’ is in Suri’s future! Also supposedly in their agreement? Tom is not allowed to expose Suri to anything that could alienate her from her mother and that Suri is not to be exposed to Scientology in any way, including being taken to Church parties or events.

4. She’s already become a member of an NYC Catholic Church. Katie basically gave a final middle finger to Cruise and the Church of Scientology by registering with a Catholic Church in NYC this week, signaling a return to the religion she was raised with after years of dabbling in Tom’s religion. Will she and Suri be seen at mass this weekend? Guess we’ll find out!

5. She refused to say, as church officials likely wanted her to, that Scientology wasn’t to blame for their breakup. Following their settlement agreement, Cruise and Holmes released a telling joint statement: “We want to keep matters affecting our family private and express our respect for each other’s commitment to each of our respective beliefs and support each other’s roles as parents.” Now, Cruise’s attorney is insisting that Scientology had nothing to do with their split and that the Church did not play a role in how the settlement worked out. But this statement is carefully crafted. Holmes (and Cruise) aren’t saying they respect each other’s beliefs; they respect each other’s commitment to each of their respective beliefs. Not to split hairs, but in the context of this breakup, where it’s obvious Cruise’s commitment to Scientology was the primary divisive issue, the difference matters. I have no doubt that Cruise agreed to settle this divorce quickly in hopes that the negative attention on his religion would go away; that Katie got what she wanted and didn’t even toss the Church of Scientology a bone is SO BOSS I cannot even handle it.

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