Where’s The Dislike Button? Social Media Is Ruining Our Lives

Pretty much every day a new study comes out affirming what we already know: Facebook is turning us into quivering piles of insecurity who can barely muster the emotional strength to hit the “share” button on the latest version of the “Ermahgerd” meme. The latest findings come courtesy of the UK’s University of Salford, where researchers polled 298 social media users, half of which indicated that their use of social media negatively impacts their life. Respondents described dips in self-esteem after comparing themselves to their online friends, feelings of anxiety when they were unable to log on to social media sites, and trouble sleeping after spending time in their online social world. Intense huh? This study has a fairly small sample size, but still, it underscores the fact that we’re constantly connecting with people online, and constantly comparing ourselves to others’ online personas–it’s a recipe for a self-esteem disaster. Hopefully there’s a way to maintain a healthy self image in this crazy new world we live in. Have you ever experienced social media anxiety? [Mashable]