Unlikely Style Inspiration: Summer Camp

I’m not a big fan of summer camp. Probably because the one time I went to summer camp every other camper in my cabin got violently ill, I had to deflect projectile vomit with my sleeping bag, the counselors vaguely accused me of poisoning everyone, and–unrelated but just as tragic–my favorite soccer shorts got swept down the river, never to be seen again. Whether your camp memories are positive, negative, or nonexistent, it’s easy to appreciate the laid back style of this summer tradition. Get the camp-y look for yourself, after the jump!

Clockwise from top left:

Backpack: $50, Aldo

Peace Sign Bracelet: $50, Neiman Marcus

Aviators: $8, Amazon

Canvas Boat Shoes: $10, JCP

Cutoff Shorts: $18, Old Navy

Sheer Plaid Shirt: $88, Lord & Taylor