Okay, Mischa Barton Makes Makeup Now

I guess when you are middling famous you pretty much get to do anything that you want. Even if you are, say, Mischa Barton, who was last relevant some five years ago. I mean, it makes sense: I just found out that 50 Cent got to star in a movie with Robert DeNiro, which is equally as implausible as Mischa Barton having her own line of lip gloss. Because why? Who said, “You know, I’d really like to commemorate my fave lanky pseudo-lesbian from ‘The O.C.’ Marissa Cooper with her very own line of lip crap?”

Nobody. But alas, the Mischa Barton lip gloss empire was still birthed.

Let’s just read the randomly Capitalized “About” Section on her website:

Mischa’s Place is an eclectic Haven of Style brought to you by the young Actress and Designer Mischa Barton.

Mischa brings her well known Bohemian Style to all aspects of the range.

Born in London, brought up in New York, lived in Paris, and currently based in Los Angeles, she has a colorful mixture of styles, which are drawn from her experiences, and there is never a compromise on quality or functionality in her Collections.

What are her “Collections”? Well, she’s got clothing, accessories, and beauty products. Also, skincare and soy candles. So, basically Mischa Barton is a Pier One Imports. Ah well, everyone deserves a second act. [Mischa’s Place]