“Wow! I Totally Thought It Was Butter” And 10 Other Incredulous Names For Margarine

So apparently Wal-Mart’s generic brand version of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!” is called “Wow! I Totally Thought It Was ‘Butter'” (note the quotes around “butter,” just in case you still weren’t clear that this product is NOT ACTUALLY BUTTER). Inspired by all these creative monikers for margarine, we came up with a few more ridiculously buttery titles of our own. Check ‘em out, after the jump… [Boing Boing]

“I Would Swear On My Mother’s Grave That This Is Butter.”

“Shut The Fuck Up, That’s Not Butter?!”

[Between sobs of grief] “How In God’s Name Can This Not Be Butter?”

“You Probably Don’t Want To Know What I Used This For When I Was Under The Impression It Was Butter.”

“Stop Lying To Me About The Obvious Fact That This Is Butter, Asshole!”

“I Used This Product To Carve A Life-Sized Butter Sculpture Of Ted Danson And Then I Realized It Wasn’t Actually Butter.”

“Don’t Feel Bad About Yourself If You Think This Is Butter. It Happened To Me Once Too.”

“I’m Not Sure What This Is But It’s Definitely Not Butter.”

“I Sold Some Of This To A Shady Butter Dealer Because I Thought It Was Real Butter And Now I Live In Fear Of Retribution.”

“If This Isn’t Butter … I … I Just Don’t Know What’s Real Anymore.”