A Reality Show About Breastfeeding Older Children Is On The Way

On the heels of the Time magazine cover and all the talk about attachment parenting, Collins Avenue,the production company that brought us “Dance Moms” (which I happen to love, that Abbey Lee Miller is a trip), is developing a reality series about mothers who breastfeed older children. And no, I am not making reference to Michelle from TLC’s “Strange Sex” series who practices erotic breastfeeding with her husband. I am talking about mothers who are still nursing kids old enough to ask for the tit by name.

The New York Post interviewed some mothers who breastfeed their older children. “If she’d wanted to stop any earlier she just would have,” said one mother whose daughter self-weaned at age seven. Yikes. Seven? She sounds old enough to have written an English assignment about her love of breast milk.

Not to be judgey here, because I think parents should do what works breast, I mean best for them, but if my kid can take my boob out on his or her own and start suckling, that will feel like a good indication that they are old enough to wean. No doubt this show will incite controversy and get people all riled up and ready to go to battle on the mommy wars. I wonder what the plot will be though. A coalition of pro-breastfeeding mothers all show up during lunch hour to feed their fifth graders. Hey, why pack a brown bag or shell out lunch money when you can provide it for free? [NY Post]

[Photo: Helayne Seidman for The New York Post]