Be My Boyfriend: Guy On A Cathedral Licking Tour

Dear Lawrence Edmonds,

From one person who can’t resist a dare to another, I bow down to you for taking this one on. Licking 62 Anglican Cathedrals in the UK in 13 months and taking photographic evidence of it just to avoid having to perform an act of public streaking? That’s really something. The best I’ve ever done was lick the bottom of someone’s shoe on a dare. This was before I became semi-germaphobic. Oh, and one time I climbed a tree in a cocktail dress. I have a picture of it. I can show you if we meet.

I hope we do meet after you hit your dare deadline next December. I want to hear about the flavor profiles of the different cathedrals. On your blog, you said Wakefield Cathedral tasted more revolting than rotten shark meat and sheep’s eyeball. It sounds like you’re a very adventurous eater. I like that in a guy. Have fun on your licking tour and try not to contract any strange diseases. Don’t forget to keep your mouth clean in case we ever kiss.

Best of luck,

Ami Angelowicz

[Oddity Central]