This Week In Sex: A Man Who Was Doing Shady Stuff With Enemas & A Guide To Calories Burned Per Sex Act

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This Week In Sex
  • Sometimes you all get mad when I tell you gross stuff. I am warning you, this is GROSS. A man is being investigated for regularly returning used enemas to a CVS in Jacksonville, Florida. Of course it was in Florida. [Huffington Post]
  • Marriage doesn’t change your sexual patterns. Supposedly they have been ingrained in us since we started masturbating. Yikes. That was a long time ago. [Your Tango]
  • Patrick Watson is the man making the sexy music that you should be doing it to. [Em & Lo]
  • When you’re done listening to Patrick Watson, you may want to listen to these rap songs about cunnilingus to get you in the mood. Word to your vagina! [LA Weekly]
  • Find out how many calories you are burning for each sex act. Just unclasping a bra burns 8 calories. This is great news! I’m going to go do 100 reps of clasping and unclasping my bra. [LA Weekly]
  • An expert weighs in on meth sex, gloryholes and open relationships. [Ask Men]
  • Ah yes. And naturally Nerve’s sex position of the week is called the TomKat. It involves couch jumping. [Nerve]
  • This guy thinks that summer sex is the best kind of sex there is. Feel free to disagree with him. [College Candy]
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