Project Unbreakable Sheds A Different Light On Sexual Assault

I don’t think I’ve ever been so moved, and yet so disturbed, by a series of photographs than I am by Grace Brown’s “Project Unbreakable.” Totally enveloped by each and every image and accompanying text, I could not hold back a few tears, or the goose bumps. “Project Unbreakable,” a photography project created in October 2011, explores the raw truth of sexual assault, as it’s experienced by both men and women. Each victim is asked to write down quotes that were said before, during, or after the assault. Then, Brown photographs each victim and displays them on her website. Some victims are willing to show their face in the photographs, while others use the poster to shield themselves.

With TIME magazine naming it one of the top 30 Tumblr blogs to follow, Brown’s “Project Unbreakable” gives readers a powerful but mere glimpse at the assaults experienced by these victims through chilling quotes they will likely never forget. Some victims feel that participating in the project will help contribute to their overall healing process.

While I totally encourage you to check this site out, I also urge you to view with caution. So many of us hear about instances of sexual assault, but how often do we actually go so in depth as to what disturbing things were said during the attacks? Brown does a beautiful and unsettling service with her blog and photographs which will no doubt leave you as sadly shocked as I was. [Project Unbreakable]