Lawsuit-Happy Intern Takes On Hearst, Fenton Fallon

First, Xuedan “Diana” Wang sued Hearst Magazines, alleging that her internship with the company’s Harper’s Bazaar wasn’t what she signed up for. According to a lawsuit Wang filed, she claimed that she worked up to 55 hours a week, doing things like delivering fashion samples and doing tons of menial work.

Incredibly, she was hired by someone else as an intern — jewelry designer Fenton Fallon. And now she’s suing them. Wang says she was hired as a “press intern” but was asked to make jewelry for the label instead.

Her Manhattan federal-court filing seeks unspecified damages, including unpaid wages, from [Fenton Fallon Owner Dana] Lorenz and her Fenton Fallon Corp.

Wang, whose official title was “press intern,” says her duties actually included “purchasing materials from jewelry-supply stores and negotiating prices,” and “constructing jewelry from raw materials, including cutting chains and double-knotting necklaces.”

It’s shocking to me that this girl was able to get another internship after she sued her first internship employers. This girl strikes me as incredibly, hopelessly entitled.  The best you can hope for out of an internship is some experience and new connections.  But one thing is clear: She’ll probably never get hired to work in the fashion world ever again. [NY Post]