I’m A Barbie Girl, In A … Barbie Box?

Although the theme for their Somerset, England prom was “Charlie & The Chocolate Factory,” two young ladies in England did not hold back from reliving the scenes they had once performed with their Barbies years ago. Emily Pounde and Hannah Jagger arrived at their prom dressed up in their gowns but encased inside giant Barbie boxes.

Pounde’s “mum” is the mastermind behind these nearly $400 creations, made out of plywood and Perspex. “After all the feedback the girls’ entrance got, I’d say it was worth the effort,” Christine, Pounde’s mother, told the Western Gazette.

Pounde said she was so overwhelmed by the amount of attention she was getting that she came out of the box shaking. “Suddenly everybody surrounded us and took photos … so many people were taking pictures,” Pounde told The Sun. I’m sure anyone would be trembling if they were trapped inside a box for more than 20 minutes, expected to look as perfect and poised as Barbie has within her stuffy packaging for the last 53 years!

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[Image: Daily Mail UK]