Fake Love Someone Until You Actually Do

A study done at the University of Hertfordshire found that when it comes to love, it behooves you to (as Oprah instructs) “fake it until you make it.” Professor Richard Wiseman used a team of 100 speed daters as their guinea pigs. One hundred speed dates? That sounds exhausting! Anyhow, what he discovered was that people who acted all lovey-dovey — making googley eyes, pawing at one another, whispering sweet nothings — were more likely to want to see each other again (for more than their allotted three minutes) than the speed daters who played it cool.

I suppose this explains why so many actors fall in love after co-starring together. While I have no intention of pretending to fall in love with anyone or going speed dating EVER, I think there are interesting things to be reminded of from this study. The more applicable takeaway here is that while sitting across from a potential love interest, you must believe that you could actually fall in love with them and behave as such for it to happen. As with all things that you want to become a reality, they starts with having the right thoughts and attitudes. I will now go work on my attitude about love. [Guardian UK]