Style Cues: Miranda Kerr

We’ve stolen Miranda’s style on countless occasions, so it’s high time we start taking notes on the components that comprise her best looks and go from there. When the model mom is photoshoot-ready, she definitely looks the part, but on her off days she has the most uncanny way of dressing just like your super-stylish, willowy-limbed best friend. I theorize that the secret to Miranda’s sartorial success is all about jeans, jeans, jeans and, believe it or not, a very specific formula of sorts. Skinny denim and a loose top are often the most prominent ingredients in her style recipe — fitted, ankle-cut jeans create a streamlined silhouette, while a looser top plays with proportions to make you look long and lean. Many of Miranda’s most covetable outfits come directly from this mold, and additions like a cardigan, chic jacket, and flats, sandals, or booties enable this basic equation to go the extra mile. After the jump, tips and tricks for making the look work, and a peek at looks inspired by (but not copied from!) Miranda’s model style.

Invest in a basic pair (or two, or three, or five — you can never have too many!) of jeans that fit you perfectly and won’t go out of style. I’ve seen skinny jeans look fantastic on a variety of different sizes, but if you don’t feel comfortable wearing them, any kind of slimmer cut creates the same effect. In my opinion, the most flattering type of jean on any body shape or size is 1) dark wash, 2) close-fitting with stretch, and 3) cropped and tapered at the ankle. They don’t necessarily have to be the most expensive pair, but they should be able to stand the test of time. Go to a denim store and try on a variety of styles and sizes to find the one that works best for you. Those ungodly hybrids called “jeggings?” Don’t rule them out entirely, but go for ones that have some real pockets, somewhere, and err more on the j- side of the spectrum (as opposed to the -eggings).

When you have a solid foundation (like the perfect pair of jeans), a Forever 21 shirt can look like J. Crew. If you’re wearing pants that look amazing on you, nobody will notice that your top is a little cheaper, or might be wearing a little thin somewhere.

Keep your proportions balanced. When you’re wearing snug jeans, a loose top is their best friend. It should be slightly abbreviated but not cropped, hitting around or just below the hip, for the most flattering shape. Skinny jeans are not to be worn with a tight-fitting or too-short shirt (unless, of course, you have a body like Miranda’s; I don’t!).

Keep things interesting. Miranda manages to keep her looks casual and cool but never boring by switching up her shoes, toppers, and bags. High-heeled or flat booties, sandals, and flats all look great with the essentials, and tight tapered jeans are perfect for tucking into taller boots come winter. One thing never to borrow from Miranda: a fedora.

1. Blank NYC Regular Rise Super-Skinny, $78, Pink Mascara
2. Patent Leather Alfie Sandal, $140.25, Tory Burch
3. Skargorn #61 Tee, $58, Madewell
4. Cropped Front Pleat Shirt, $68, Topshop
5. Stella Coated Legging Jean, $108, Express
6. Stellfox Tote, $55, Aldo
7. Kelsi Dagger Odessa, $42.99, 6pm