Kristen Stewart Bares Her High-Fashion Chops For Balenciaga’s New Fragrance

The reception of Kristen Stewart’s fashion presence mimics that of her reception on-screen: people who like her really love her, warts and all, and those who don’t just… don’t. I tolerate her, even like her a little bit, but even so it has to be said that she’s certainly no Charlize, who’s a natural both at her craft and, you know, wearing beautiful, often heavy clothes without looking like she might freak out or bite straight through her lower lip. Kristen’s high-fashion ascent has Nicolas Ghesquière to thank — the designer and creative director of the house of Balenciaga took a particular pet liking to Stewart, crafting her into a sartorial sometimes-star against all odds (and by odds, I mean Converse and hoodies). Ghesquière approached the actress in January after years of collaborating and cast her as the face of an untitled forthcoming fragrance.

On Friday, Balenciaga came forward with a name, Florabotanica, for the perfume, which intends to exude the essence of the common ground between artificial and natural, as well as the debut ad starring Stewart. In an interview with WWD, the actress lent her particular brand of caustic charm to the discussion of the fragrance: “I’m very lucky that I like [it], because I would have done anything with Ghesquière … and I’m a terrible liar.” As for Ghesquière, he highlighted the dualities of the scent (which includes a “vetiver, amber and caladium-leaf accord [and] a hybrid rose, carnation and mint accord”) echoed in Kristen — “nice and nasty,” “gorgeous and boyish.” Out in September, I predict a meteoric rise to the top for Florabotanica given the popularity of Ghesquière’s eponymous 2008 fragrance for the brand, not to mention the high-profile nature of its star, but only time will tell if Kristen can really sell it to the fickle upscale demographic. [NY Mag, WWD]