Drinking And Driving In France? Better Have Your Breathalyzers!

Breathalyzers aren’t just for the po-po any more: In France, a new law requires every driver to carry two breathalyzers in their car. The intent to decrease the amount of drunk driving accidents by having drivers test themselves with breathalyzers before they decide to drive home inebriated.

While it’s a great idea, I can’t really see an intoxicated person being clearheaded enough to whip out their breathalyzer and test themselves before they hit the road. Many have criticized the new law, saying it’s a way for the two companies in France that manufacture breathalyzers to easily line their pockets.  Another inconvenience that stems from this law is requiring travelers from outside of France to have the breathalyzer kits when driving through the country.

I will be impressed to see if this new law actually does prevent driving accidents caused by drunk-driving. If proven effective, I know I wouldn’t be opposed to this law blowing its way across the pond to the United States. [NY Daily News]

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