DIY: How To Make This Beaded Necklace!

We are huge fans of DIY projects that can make us look glam in under 15 minutes. This DIY necklace design (made by me and modeled by Amelia) is awesome for three reasons: 1) It picks up on one of the hottest necklace trends, beads and chain; 2) you can recycle beads and a chain from another necklace or bracelet you have (if you want); and 3) the magnetic clasps mean you can make tons of bead combinations on new strands and swap them in!

After the jump is your list of supplies, and if you’re new to beading, a video we made for additional info.

  • 2 Flat nose pliers
  • 1 Pack beading wire sized 0.018” (We like the nylon-coated micro wire.)
  • 2 Crimp beads 1x1mm
  • 1 Scissors
  • 1 Chain (To the length you would like.)
  • 2 Open Jump Rings 
  • 2 Sets of magnetic clasps (Remember when you select these that they will show. We picked the ones that, when closed, look like beads!)
  • Large colorful tear drop top drilled beads 
  • Small metallic round beads