Stuff I Buy On Gilt Groupe Keeps Breaking [UPDATED]

I love, love, love Gilt Groupe, because I am a lazy person that loves to shop. And there’s nothing more lazy than online shopping. Gilt usually has a good assortment of designers, and semi-reasonable prices. Over the past couple of years, I’ve purchased several things from them, including a 3.1 Phillip Lim blouse, a Tracy Reese cardigan and a pair of great Faryl Robin wedges. If I count it all up, I’ve probably bought around 10 things from them, but of those, three items have fallen apart just weeks after buying them.

I bought two Cynthia Rowley dresses that had their hems fall out the second time I wore them (they hadn’t even been washed by me). And just yesterday, a pair of shoes — DV by Dolce Vita sandals — that I purchased three weeks ago and wore maybe four times completely disintegrated as I was walking to my doctor’s office. I took them to a cobbler and they’re being fixed for me right now, but suddenly the $49 deal is costing me an extra $30 bucks.

It was annoying, so I reached out to Gilt about it. It turns out, it’s probably not their fault, because they actually employ a team that does quality control on all their producrts. Everything that gets sent to Gilt — be it the $2,000 Reem Acra gown or the $50 pair of ballet flats, gets looked over as it’s repackaged for sale by Gilt. “Our buyers work very hard to ensure that we are providing only the best product, and we also have a Quality Control team in place to inspect products before they are sent to our members,” explains Operations Manager Alex Abboud. He also said that Gilt’s customer service department actually handles defective items and those that break or fall apart. I assumed they wouldn’t because Gilt acts more like a middle man, and doesn’t actually make the stuff itself and how many times have you gotten on the line with a customer service rep who told you, “This isn’t our problem?” In any case, Abboud recommends that if I have a future problem with an item, I call Customer Service, because they’ll typically offer an amenable solution, even if the item’s been irreparably damaged.

That won’t help me with the Dolce Vita shoes I just spent an extra $30 dollars on, but maybe some of you guys will be spared spending extra cash on broken goods.

Tell us: Have you also had this kind of problem when buying from Gilt or other online retailers? Or am I just stuck with exceedingly bad luck?

Update: So the lovely folks at Gilt were kind enough to refund me for the price of the sandals. They definitely advise contacting customer service if you have any problems with the stuff you order. Good luck and happy shopping!