Houston’s $5 “Pole Tax” Rubs Strip Clubs The Wrong Way (Ha, Ha)

Strip clubs in the fair city of Houston, Texas, will soon be hit with an interesting new tax: a $5-per-visitor tax which will go towards paying for a backlog of the city’s 6,000 rape kits. The Houston City Council passed an ordinance on Wednesday which will require almost 30 gentleman’s clubs to fork over the funds, which will then be used to pay for analyzing DNA evidence collected from rape victims.

Houston’s logic on this front has not been that law enforcement apathy led to rape kits being neglected — it’s a culture that objectifies women. So the city went after its local strip clubs, presumably because you can’t tax music, television, magazines, or the Internet. All that will work fine and dandy, I suppose, until the strip clubs’ purses start hurting from the tax and one or more is forced to close. Then how will Houston pay for it’s backlogged rape kits? (Certainly not through something as absurd as raising taxes. Why, that wouldn’t be fiscally prudent!)

[Wall Street Journal]

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