Men Are More Inclined To Pay For Dinner If Their Date Is Pretty, Study Finds

Dating is uncomfortable for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is figuring out who pays at the end of the date. You’re a modern, working woman. You don’t need a man to treat you.  On the other hand, who wants fork over $12 per dirty martini if you don’t have to?

It turns out, ladies, that men are doing their own calculations in order to figure out who pays on a date. And the results are ugh-worthy yet not surprising: a new study from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland has found that men are more willing to pay for a date if she’s pretty. 

Interestingly, the study’s finding works in reverse, too: the more attractive a man is, the more women expect him to pay. Surely there’s something psychological underlying that assumption, perhaps that an attractive man must also be a financially successful man. But the weird thing is that the people who described themselves as attractive also said they deserve to be treated. So if an attractive man goes on a date with an attractive women, you’ve potentially got yourself a sticky wicket.

Of course, for those of us on the dating scene, these “findings” feel pretty no duh. Guys who either seem to really dig me or want to get into my pants really badly are certainly much quicker to grab the check and pooh-pooh my offers to split. In turn, this endears me to them (in an albeit small way). I’ve also noticed that guys who have taken up my offer to split more often than not never contact me again — probably because they didn’t dig me enough (or think I’m pretty enough!) to try to impress me. [This is exactly my experience as well. I pay a lot. Sigh. — Editor]

But as … useless? … as this study is, it nevertheless reinforces what we already know about beauty privilege conferred about people in this culture. Some people who are more good-looking and know they are more good-looking expect to be treated certain ways. This is a broad statement, of course, but as you can see it’s sometimes backed up with facts — facts that make dating even more of a jungle than it is already.


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