How To Turn Your Pinterest Page Into An Online Store

I use Pinterest as a visual wishlist of the products I’d love to buy if I had a little extra cash–everything from shoes to clothes to makeup to home decor–and I’ve bought a number of products after seeing them pop up on my Pinterest homepage. This is why I’m both intrigued and excited about a new program called Shopinterest that allows you to turn a Pinterest board into an online store. Here’s how it works…

According to TechCrunch:

To get started, users will just sign in, select the boards where their products are shown, add a description, price and shipping charges, and then select how they want to get paid (PayPal or Dwolla). The rest of the setup is handled by ShopInterest itself.

Once you’ve set up your Shopinterest account and chosen which boards to monetize, your Pinterest followers can click on items directly, check out via an embedded online shopping cart, and voila, you’ve got an easy-to-navigate online boutique. Pretty crazy huh? Unlike the slightly shady affiliate links program Pinterest was running without informing its users, Shopinterest was developed by an outside company called Pintics and requires users to sign up for the service on a separate website. In other words, if you’re not interested in starting your own Pinterest store, Shopinterest won’t affect your normal pinning experience.

If you are interested in selling your wares online though, Shopinterest sounds like an interesting alternative (or perhaps addition) to Ebay and Etsy shops. It’s not immediately apparent what percentage–if any–Shopinterest will take from users’ sales, but since this program has only existed since this weekend, hopefully more info is forthcoming.

So, what do you think of this new service for Pinterest users? Would you buy a product from a Pinterest store? Will you be starting a Pinterest store of your own?