Some Creep Is Filming Videos Of Your Legs On The Subway And Posting Them On YouTube

The good news is that YouTube has pulled an account belonging to “John Zippy,” a man who was surreptiously filming women’s legs on the subway through a camera placed inside a Starbucks cup and posting the videos online.

The bad news is the YouTube channel “New York Subway Girls” had 35 videos posted on it before it was yanked, featuring 102 women whose body parts were being filmed without their consent. Gross. And the New York Police Department is unable do anything about the vids — unless a woman filmed specifically complains about sexual harassment — because filming in public is not illegal.

According to The New York Post, which corresponded with 42-year-old “Zippy” over email, Zippy says he is providing a service to other perv who get off on watching women being anonymously filmed — including women who are not-so-anonymously being filmed and clearly uncomfortable that they are being watched. “Zippy” claims women who noticed something fishy going on “usually don’t know what to do because they aren’t sure if they’re just being paranoid.” EW. Other women are oblivious to this creep because they’re minding their own business on the subway, reading magazines or sitting with their eyes closed. If police were able to catch “John Zippy,” he could only be in trouble for filming “intimate images” without consent. It is clear he hasn’t gotten consent, but videos he’s filmed of women are not necessarily “intimate.”

In addition to being pervy, “Zippy” is also pretty delusional. He said he films the videos and posts them on YouTube because NYC women are so beautiful and he wants “people” to be able to watch them in an “open and judgmental manner.” He even compared himself to an artist like Salvador Dalí.

Yes, seriously.

Like I said, delusional.

Wanting to look at pretty women is not a crime. But filming women for sexual purposes without their consent is just plain objectifying and wrong.  Thankfully YouTube has pulled the account “due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy on nudity or sexual content.” Alas, creeps like “Zippy” will probably just go someplace else, further underground.

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