Octomom Has A Boyfriend (And I’m Still Single)

  • Octomom has a boyfriend and I’m still single. Nadya Suleman is dating a 23-year-old tanorexic amateur bodybuilder named Frankie G whom she met “through church.” Okay then. [TMZ]
  • Meet Mugly, a hairless Chinese Crested, who won the World’s Ugliest Dog contest this weekend for the second time in his life. Now that’s ugly. [The FW]
  • Justin Bieber’s family of “hillbillies” once shot and ate a bear while camping in the woods. I can hardly belieb it. [Popdust]
  • How to talk dirty without freaking anyone out. Dirty talk is both an art and a science, you see. [Modern Man]
  • “Jeopardy” host Alex Trebek, 71, suffered a heart attack this weekend. Get well soon, Alex! [Celebrity Cafe]
  • Got superpowers in bed? Here’s 15 cute superhero undies to advertise that fact. [Gurl]
  • Harry Styles from One Direction — who, mind you, is 17 — has supposedly homewrecked the marriage of a 32-year-old married DJ named Lucy Horobin. [Perez Hilton]
  • An animal rights group called Born Free is very upset Cee Lo intends to hold a Moluccan cockatoo named Lady in his lap throughout the next season of “The Voice”  because cockatoos do not like loud noises. [Celebrity Cafe]
  • The Queen has updated some arcane royal family rules to stipulate Kate Middleton must curtsy to “blood princesses” Beatrice and Eugenie when she is not accompanied by Prince William. [Telegraph UK]

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