Style Stealer: Elettra Wiedemann Looking Fresh-Faced And Fabulous In NYC

As far as the genetic lottery goes, Elettra Wiedemann is unrivaled. But never mind her mother, Isabella Rossellini, her grandmother, Ingrid Bergman, or her father, a Harvard-educated Microsoft manager and former model — let’s talk Elettra. She’s the kind of socialite who you would never see calling herself a socialite. She has a master’s degree in biomedicine. She’s been a Lancôme spokesmodel for almost ten years. She’s the co-founder of non-profit organization — “we’re not just a charity, we’re brokers of goodwill” (watch the video!). Basically, Elettra Wiedemann goes around every day making us all look terrible, and looking fantastic while doing so. I mean, how adorable and unassuming does she look in this casual look at Coach’s Summer Party on the High Line? There’s no chance of us somehow catching Elettra’s good humor, good looks, and good spirit by osmosis, but one thing we can have is her outfit. And we will.

Les Petites Parisiennes Ballet Flats, $109, Yoox
Maison Scotch No. 2 Boyfriend Shorts, $137, Shopbop
Oasis Animal T-Shirt, $66.28, ASOS
Metal Keeper Super Skinny Waist Belt, $9.94, ASOS
Nur Small Leather Bag, $109, Yoox