Iris Apfel Thinks We (Young People) Are Doing It Wrong

“I think they could be a little bit more well groomed — if you know what well groomed is, you just take a look in the mirror. Their hair doesn’t look neat, they look like they are all messed up. I don’t think messy is pretty, I think they should study themselves a little more and not wear something that’s in fashion because it’s in fashion. And you see some enormous young women wearing the skimpiest clothing and it really looks dreadful.”

Iris Apfel, the 90-year-old former socialite and fashionista brought to icon status as the subject of Ari Seth Cohen’s “Advanced Style,” always seems to have something negative to say when it comes to “young people’s style” these days … but is she right? Could we all use the refined touch of a hairbrush and some well-tailored trousers? I say, psh. How irreverent would it be for me to say that I think she might be kind of dreadful, and not in the bizarrely delightful sense of the word (see: Karl Lagerfeld)? [Fashionista]