Dutchess Kate Inspires British Women To Cover Up (Or Britain Is Just Cold?)

Important fashion news! A “study” by a Parisian fashion company found that British women wear “longer skirts and less revealing tops” than women elsewhere in Europe, especially Italy and France. The “study” posits that Kate Middleton’s preppy-princess style is encouraging women to dress more “demure” by covering their upper arms and knees. (Kate Moss is also cited by the study being quoted as saying women should cover up, which is funny because Kate’s the most Most Likely To Be Naked model ever.) I don’t doubt that Duchess Kate’s inspired women to purchase more preppy fashions like the ones at LK Bennett and Reiss. But there’s something else this “study” might want to note: the UK is cold, y’all. Colder than Italy. Colder than France.

Just a thought. [NY Daily News]