Well Played: Anja Rubik At The Cinema Society’s “To Rome With Love” Screening

As far as models go, Anja Rubik boasts a pretty decent level of notoriety. She flashed one seriously barbed hipbone at the Met Ball, then managed to redeem herself, crazy eyes and all, in Cannes. Oh, there was also that time Kanye West name-dropped her in a song (the same one he used as a vehicle to confess his love for Kim Kardashian, no less), but we don’t talk about that. Anja has the credentials for sure, but does she really have the fashion chops necessary to back it up? It would seem so: I love this simple pleated chiffon gown, and paired with the flat thong sandals and fresh, natural hair and makeup, she looks practically beach-ready. For an incredibly glamorous beach, that is.