Poll: Would You Drink While Pregnant?

We have definitely asked you this question before. (You can read more about the results of that poll almost two years ago here.) But I’m asking you this question again because five new studies out of Denmark assert that having an occasional drink while pregnant is a-okay. Researchers studied children up to age 5 born to light, moderate, heavy, and binge drinking mothers, and found that only the children of moms who drank heavily during pregnancy showed negative side effects, in particular, shorter attentions spans. Those who have read the studies in depth have concluded that they add to growing evidence which suggests the occasional drink while pregnant is “increasingly unlikely to do damage.” That being said, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have no plans to change their recommendation that pregnant women abstain from drinking alcohol entirely. You can read more about the study and the reactions here. [The Week]

First, vote in the poll after the jump and then tell us in the comments whether studies like these have affected your opinions on drinking while pregnant. 

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