50 Ways To Make This Summer The Best Summer Ever

Here at The Frisky, we adore summer. There’s something about the sunshine, long days, and breezy nights that makes us feel like anything is possible. Now’s the time to take chances, try new things, and live life to the fullest. To get the season started off right, we’ve compiled a list of 50 things to do, try, see, and eat to make this summer one to remember. Share it with your friends. Print it out for easy reference. And check back in the fall and let us know how you did. Here’s to a Frisky summer!

1. Go tubing.

2. Have an outdoor makeout session or–if you can find a really secluded spot–outdoor sex.

3. Wear a ridiculous sunhat and giant sunglasses and let your inner diva out.

4. Read one totally trashy beach novel and one totally cerebral nonfiction book.

5. Take an evening walk and be fully present in the moment–ignore the urge to check your cellphone.

6. Never pass up an opportunity to drink wine outside.

7. Try something new with your hair, whether it’s a refreshing short cut or an awesome braided style.

8. Hit up the farmers’ market. Fill your house with fresh flowers and produce.

9. Paint your nails crazy bright colors.

10. Go on a friendship bracelet-making binge.

11. Eat an entire watermelon with a spoon and feel kind of sick afterwards but WORTH IT.

12. Two words: Roof. Party.

13. Take a road trip, even if it’s just a couple towns over. Make a mix CD of wistful traveling music for the occasion.

14. Find a street that has a fire hydrant open and frolic in the water with all the kids.

15. See a super corny blockbuster. If no one will go with you, go alone.

16. Ride your bike everywhere.

17. Wear a white dress with turquoise jewelry.

18. Make boozy popsicles.

19. Get your ass to a waterfall. Even the tiny ones are magical.

20. Check out some new music. We’re loving the Kitsune Tabloid mix by The Twelves (find it on Spotify).

21. Buy an iced coffee and wander around with no itinerary.

22. Bring a blanket and a stack of magazines to the park.

23. Float in the ocean (or the lake, or the kiddie pool in the backyard, whatever).

24. Go on an outdoor date.

25. Have a water balloon fight. Or maybe…become a human water balloon?

26. Hang out naked when the temperature hits 90 degrees.

27. Have a picnic dinner at sunset.

28. Wear teal eyeshadow during the day.

29. Make friends with someone who owns a boat. Hang out on said boat as often as possible.

30. Catch fireflies.

31. Do karaoke. Command the stage like the freakin’ rockstar that you are.

32. Get a burger and a cold beer with a friend.

33. Confess something you’ve been keeping inside. Summer nights encourage forgiveness.

34. Have sweaty sex. Shower together afterwards.

35. Rip a lobster limb from limb.

36. DIY some trendy cut-offs.

37. Have your friends over for fancy cocktails and vintage boardgames (Candy Land 4 life!).

38. Learn a ridiculous dance. The Soulja Boy, for example.

39. Run in the sprinkler.

40. Go to the zoo. Yearn for a baby giraffe.

41. Lay under the stars with your best friend. Discuss the meaning of life.

42. Wear a flower in your hair.

43. Go to a foodie festival and try one of everything. Don’t feel bad about it.

44. Take a pottery class.

45. Make sangria.

46. Rent a paddle boat and paddle until your legs are jelly.

47. Write a letter to someone. Decorate the envelope.

48. Watch the sun rise.

49. Ride a rollercoaster.

50. Open a bottle of champagne and make a toast to your life, exactly the way it is.