Love It Or Leave It: Emma Stone’s Gothy “Spiderman” Premiere Look?

Emma Stone is ubiquitous these days — seriously, the girl is everywhere. What with “The Amazing Spider-Man” (remind me again why they’re remaking this movie?), she has two or three big magazine covers in July alone. The people love her, and so does the fashion industry, but I feel like she’s looking more Generic Skinny Blonde Starlet than Emma Stone nowadays. Wah, wah, wah. Regardless, Emma and her Spiderman (and real life beau) Andrew Garfield hit Paris last night for the film’s premiere, with Emma choosing this Gucci gown for the occasion. I like this dress a lot — I would have preferred it without the embellishment around the neck, but it’s fine. What’s really irking me about this look is her hair and makeup. Emma has gorgeous skin, as fair as it gets, and the dark red lips with the pale blonde hair seems jarring against it. I wouldn’t call this vampy; it’s literally vampire. I think this aesthetic would have a better effect in winter, but the whole thing is frankly inappropriate for the season. My love of this dress (and Emma!) goes head-to-head with my distaste for the makeup with it.