The Internet Does Something Nice For A Stranger: Harassed Bus Monitor Karen Klein Gets A Vacation

Kids can be awful to each other. And kids who haven’t been taught right can even be awful to adults. Bus monitor Karen Klein, of Greece, New York, rides the bus everyday with the kids, and was verbally abused by a band of screaming Jerkus Maximuses while she was just doing her job. A video that was leaked today shows poor Karen experiencing an array of verbal abuse so intense that I refuse to even post it (go here if you want to see a crew of dickwads threatening to stab her in the stomach). In an interview after the incident, Karen said, “It was like ‘wow, I can’t believe it happened … It was just plain mean. Nobody should have to put up with that.” She also noted that, the kids “weren’t always that bad.” Suffice it to say, this is not what this lady signed up for when she took the job.

For their part, officials in Greece are currently investigating the incident. “All students found to have a role in this incident will face disciplinary action,” said school district spokesperson Laurel Heiden. But that still doesn’t erase the abuse Karen endured.

So the Internet (which certainly can giveth and taketh away) decided to step in and perform a little miracle for this lady. Some anonymous nice person decided that if they couldn’t personally reprimand the kids involved, they could at least treat Karen to a nice time. So a guy named Max started a “Let’s Give Karen Klein A Vacation” account on Indiegogo. Writes Max:

As soon as I heard of Karen Huff Klein and what some condom worthy offspring have done to her, i had to create a fundraiser here for this nice lady.

Lets give Karen a vacation of a lifetime, lets show her the power of the internets and how kind and generous people can be.

The campaign, which hasn’t even been up a day, has already raised more than $12,000, and more than 600 people have contributed. But even better? There’s hundreds of kind comments from strangers who wanted to send along messages of encouragement and compassion to Karen — which seems like just the antidote.  [Indiegogo]