5 Things You Should Know About Ben Walker, Star Of “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”

This Friday, the new movie “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” opens in theaters. The movie, based on the book of the same name, stars Benjamin Walker as Mr. Lincoln himself, fending off vampires and fighting to keep the nation together. My friend Heidi swears the book was awesome and she read it in, like, two days, so she’s hoping the movie is half as good. But even if it’s not, we’ve certainly got our eye on Ben Walker. Explains Walker of the film, “We think of it as a period piece that just happens to have vampires in it.”

Just who is this dude? Find out everything you need to know about him, after the jump.

1. Lincoln is actually the second U.S. president he’s played. He starred in the smash hit “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson,” a rock musical about — you guessed it — Andrew Jackson. The show began in California, but was eventually taken to Broadway.

2. He’s married to Mamie Gummer, Meryl Streep’s daughter. The pair had been dating for a couple of years when they became engaged in 2009. They married in 2011 at her parents’ house in Connecticut.

3. He’s actually a Southern boy. He was raised in Cartersville, Georgia, but came to New York in 2004 to attend Julliard. That’s where he was forced to lose his Southern accent.

4. He’s also way into comedy. Julliard prohibits its students from performing in public during the first two years of school, but Walker bent the rules by getting into stand-up comedy. He started a monthly comedy showcase at New York’s Joe’s Pub called “Find The Funny” in 2004 — and still runs it today. Of the event, he’s said: “I started ‘Find the Funny’ in college, as a way to perform and give other new comics stage time, and it has grown into a wonderful community of comics, writers, and performers. It is that community that inspires me, that group of people continuing to learn and perfect their craft. Stand-up is a passion for me because it is theater at its most basic: one person stands up in front of the group and tells a story. The more isolated we become as a generation, the more we need that type of interaction.”

5. Sorry, superfans: there’s already a “Fuck Yeah, Benjamin Walker” Tumblr. And it’s awesome.

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