Style 911: Where Can I Find Shorts For Thick Thighs?

I haven’t worn non-athletic shorts since my age was in the single digits due to my German heritage and stocky lower body.  I am not overweight by any means; I just have thighs that love to accumulate muscle and that cupcake I ate yesterday! It would expand my summer wardrobe so much if I had some shorts to pair with all my cute tanks. At this point I’ve stopped even trying shorts on in stores because it can just be a dreadful experience, so having some pointers on the best stores to try could help me out a ton. –Short on Shorts

I totally feel you on this. The short-shorts and skinny jeans trends have not been particularly kind to those of us with larger thighs. Finding a style that actually fits is difficult; finding a pair that doesn’t resemble sausage casing is nearly impossible. The key word, though, is nearly. It takes a little extra work, but your short soulmates are out there, I promise. Here are a few tips to help you find them…

Styles to look for: I think the common inclination for women with large thighs is to reach for the longest shorts possible (down to the knee), because they want to cover up this so-called “problem area.” However, longer shorts can actually have the opposite effect and draw more attention to the thighs. A better option? Shorts that hit at mid-thigh, which visually cut the area in half. Depending on how tall you are, look for inseams of 6 to 9 inches.

“Boyfriend” shorts are also typically cut larger than other styles. I have the boyfriend shorts pictured above, which are from a brand called KUT from the Kloth, and they’re super roomy [$54.50 at Nordstrom].

Stores to try: I posed this question to my Twitter followers, and they suggested American Eagle, GAP, Old Navy, Target, and Macy’s.

Other ideas: If you’ve found styles of jeans or full-length pants that fit you, buy extra pairs and turn them into your shorts yourself. This allows you to customize the length and ensure they’ll be flattering on you. I do this with all my worn out jeans and it also works surprisingly well with dressy trousers.You can just snip off the bottoms for a casual frayed look, or take them to a tailor to get them hemmed.

Alright readers, I know you have other ideas to share! Let’s help each other out by sharing favorite brands/stores/tips in the comments!