Anti-Abortion Law Pennsylvania Goes Into Effect

  • A law restricting abortion rights in Pennsylvania by posing medically unnecessary requirements on clinics has gone into effect. Fourteen of the state’s previous 22 abortion clinics have been licensed to provide surgical abortions going forward. The other clinics will provide various other levels of care, although one abortion clinic has actually closed. []
  • A transgender person proposed to their partner at the White House during an LGBT Pride reception this weekend. [Feministing]
  • Bleacher Report’s “100 Hottest Olympians,” about the hot female athletes of the Olympics, is the most sexist, disrespectful piece you’ll read all week. [Think Progress]
  • First Lady Laura Bush will be granted the Alice Paul Award, so named for a passionate suffragist, which has pissed off some activists who say the award should go to someone who has dedicated his or her life to women’s equality issues. [Washington Post]
  • The “Find My iPhone” app helped catch a New York City cab driver who sexually assaulted his drunk female passenger. []
  • Twenty-five women are suing Sears and a former West Hollywood Sears maintenance worker who allegedly secretly videotaped them over the course of three years in dressing rooms and bathroom stalls. Gross. [ABC News]
  • An activist from the Ukrainian group FEMEN hit a police officer in the face with a pie to protest the recent kidnapping of several FEMEN group members. [SuperSport]
  • A former stripper for the London gentleman’s club Stringfellows explains why she’s suing the club. [Guardian UK]
  • A record number of women and minorities will serve in France’s new Parliament. [France24]
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