“True Blood”‘s Tara Is Somewhat More Tolerable As A Vampire

Since the first episode, Tara has been one of my least favorite character on “True Blood.” I just haven’t been able to muster up an ounce of care about her andthe way she says “Sook” is neck-and-neck with the way Sookie says “Bill” (Beyuuuul) as most annoying name pronunciation everrrrr. So when last season ended with Tara dying in a pool of blood, I was pretty okay with her not coming back. But then, in the first episode of the season, Pam changed Tara into the thing she hates most — a vampire. And finally, finally Tara had the potential to be interesting. After last night’s episode, I’m still waiting for that to happen, but I am excited for a relationship to develop between Tara and her maker Pam, who is the awesomest and is finally getting the screen time she deserves. If anyone can teach Tara to be a scene stealer, it’s Pam.