Sonogram Pregnancy Portraits Kinda Creep Me Out

I usually try really, really hard to not be judge-y of the choices pregnant women and parents make. Planning on giving birth on your couch? God speed (though I will probably choose to sit elsewhere the next time I come over).  Want to breastfeed your 4-year-old? In public? Have at it! Let your toddlers run around like little hellraisers while I’m trying to have a romantic dinner with my date? I’ll probably smile at them and tell you they’re cute. However, I draw the line at two things. 1) I cannot abide parents who practice an extreme version of “elimination communication” if it includes allowing their two-year-old to take a dump on a portable toilet in a public space that I am currently inhabiting. (Read more about that here.) And 2) I simply cannot give the thumbs up to poorly Photoshopping sonogram photos of your fetus in utero onto your bare pregnant belly. It looks creepy! (I felt similarly about the late-’80s trend of live action-meets-cartoon movies.) And as far as “art” goes, it seems a little literal, no? Unfortunately for me, this is apparently a trend so I’m expecting it to show up on my Facebook feed any day now. Sigh. [The Daily] [Photo: Miss Cherie Photography]