Rihanna “Loves” That Drake And Chris Brown Are Fighting Over Her

  • Sigh. I suppose its better that Chris Brown and Drake fight each other than Chris take more swings at RiRi, huh? [PopCrush]
  • Lindsay Lohan was found unconscious in a Marina Del Rey, California, hotel today. Someone from production called 911, paramedics arrived, and “determined nothing was wrong.” Isn’t that what people always say with Lindsay? “Nothing was wrong”? [TMZ]
  • Jamie Lynn Spears has written a song about her big sister Britney Spears called “Cheetos ‘n Frappucinos ‘n Vagina.” Just kidding about that last part. [PopCrush]
  • The nine-year-old Scottish blogger cataloging her school lunches on a blog called Never Seconds has has been forbidden to take her camera into school. [Wired]
  • Charlie Sheen lost his virginity at age 15 to a prostitute. I’m not sure why we care about this now, but consider yourself informed anyway. [Stupid Celebrities]
  • Twelve evil creatures that look like Selena Gomez’s knee. It is a pretty funny-looking knee. [HyperVocal]
  • “Moesha” actress Yvette Wilson died today at age 48 of cervical cancer. [Celebrity Cafe]
  • And now a corgi has covered “Call Me Maybe.” Make it stop! [The FW]
  • Could this be the only existing picture of 19th century author Jane Austen as a teenager? [Betty Confidential]
  • How do deal with a homophobic boyfriend. (Uhhh, dump him.) [Gurl]
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