Mila Kunis Refuses To Buy Into Her Own Beauty Myth

“I appreciate the attention but I don’t think of myself as particularly attractive at all. I also don’t have that naturally sexual or sensuous way of behaving that some women have.  I do have a pretty sharp sense of humor, though, and I think that has helped me … I’m much more conservative by nature than people think … I mean, I don’t send out naked photos of myself or climb out of limousines without any panties … Some women rely on their looks to make it and others know that they need to work hard to not just be treated as a pretty object and have a serious career. So I’ve never bought into my own beauty myth and I have always worked hard and believed in myself as an actress in order to get where I am.”

– Mila Kunis on her beauty. Hmm. I am torn about what she says here. On the one hand, I appreciate the sentiment of not buying into one’s own beauty myth. Looking at it through a feminist lens, Mila is talking about remaining a subject in her own life and career and refusing to be objectified. Which is smart, humble and noble. But on the other hand, saying that you are not “particularly attractive” or “naturally sensuous” seems very limiting. Not to mention sad. You don’t have to be a sex object or send naked pictures of your vagina to think you’re attractive or sensual. And doesn’t ever woman deserve to feel that way without feeling objectified? Just a thought. [Metro UK]