Kelly Osbourne Tweets A Makeup-Free Bedtime Picture Of Herself, Promptly Gets Eaten Alive

When a female celebrity offers a makeup-free photo to the public of her own accord, thereby putting herself on the same level as us mere mortals, she’s usually lauded for her alleged bravery and commitment to disproving the smoke and mirrors of Hollywood perfection. AnnaLynne McCord hopped on the sans fards freight not so long ago, and she was met with commendation and praise for showing off her blemished normal-girl skin. It’s a strange phenomenon, but non-famous women love to see seemingly flawless celebrities looking, well, non-famous.

So I wonder why everyone, from bonafide bloggers to your average backseat critic, is losing their cool about this Instagram photo Kelly Osbourne tweeted of herself before bed, calling the picture of the celeb daughter and Fashion Police pundit everything from “scary” to just plain “unflattering.”

The photo was accompanied by this utterly normal, not at all “look at me without makeup, I’m just like you but rich” caption:

“Just found my favorite pj’s! Got to be up at 5am for @e_fashionpolice thank god for my jet lag & comfy bed.”

I mean, come on. In my opinion, she looks totally cute, maybe even better than she does with all of the foundation she usually wears. She has good skin! She looks happy! Her favorite pajamas are adorable! So why is Kelly getting so much flack just for releasing a picture of herself looking completely fine? Am I biased because The Osbournes was my favorite show when I was twelve and I thought Jack and I would get married one day? Why didn’t Jack and I get married? Discuss. [Crushable]

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