Getting Smooth Survival Guide: I Got My Upper Lip Threaded

Summer is just around the corner! Hair removal season has begun! In our “Getting Smooth Survival Guide,” we’ll be testing out various ways to defuzz your body parts, if defuzzing is something you choose to do. (No judgement if you’re happily rocking body hair. Do you, girl.) 

Since I’ve literally got the sparsest eyebrows ever (they don’t grow, at all, I’ve tried), every four or five months I’ll decide that I need to go in for a threading session to clean up all the baby-fine, white-blond fuzz surrounding my brows. Because my body hair is very blond, it pretty much isn’t visible, so I mostly don’t bother to do anything about it. I consider myself lucky in that way—and what I don’t spend on waxes and constant facial hair upkeep I make up for with bi-monthly trips to my colorist — and the hefty bills that come with.

Anyway, a friend recently was bemoaning the fact that she had darker upper lip hair and hasn’t found a good-enough way to get rid of it. She’s bleached it, waxed it, even shaved it and finally stumbled upon threading … where she found a bit more success. Flash forward to me, walking into the threading salon to get my baby-fuzz brow hair cleaned up last week. So, there I am, head back in the chair, with the upper lip hair convo fresh in my mind and I say, “Can you also do my upper lip?” Mis-take! Oh wow was it a bad move …First, I’ll start with the obvious. The pain. Holy hell, was it painful! Even though I only go in about three times a year, threading my brows doesn’t hurt—it mostly just feels like an irritating pricking sort of feeling. But threading your upper lip? It’s a Defcon One sort of pain—I found myself unintentionally crying! Tears were rolling down my cheeks (the threader lady had to give me a tissue, embarrassingly enough), and I was definitely making some sort of weird-ugly facial contortions. After the torture stopped, I was, at the very least, excited for a pretty and clean upper-lip (after the red-swelling aspect of it all went down). Not so much. I woke up a day later to little white heads all over my upper lip. And a week later I am still battling an odd upper lip pimple here and there!

Never again. Not only did it hurt like a you-know-what and gave me zits where there never have been before, but the actual hair removal is totally sparse-looking! What about you guys, have you ever gone this route with facial hair? What happened?

The Frisky’s Getting Smooth Survival Guide is sponsored by Sally Hansen, but the opinions expressed are our own.

Photo: Videojug