Drake To Chris: “I’m F**king The Love Of Your Life, Deal With It”?

  • New details on the Chris Brown/Drake entourage fight: the blog Stupid Celebrities claims Chris sent a bottle of champagne to Drake’s table and Drake sent the bottle back with a note that said, “I’m fucking the love of your life, deal with it.” Referring to Rihanna, of course. Allegedly, later in the evening as Drake was leaving the club, Chris Brown supposedly got physical with the rapper Meek Mill, who was presumably with Drake’s encourage. Drake’s rep issued a statement claiming Drake wasn’t involved at all.  So confusing.  [Stupid Celebrities, MTV]
  • However, a witness to the fight tells a different tale: Drake looked “pissed,” some unknown provocation occurred, and then someone in Drake’s entourage picked up a bottle and threw it at Chris Brown, hitting him directly in the face. The witness said Chris and Drake never touched each other, but that about 15 people at the club were involved in the fight, including one of Chris’ bodyguards, who suffered a nasty head wound. (Warning: gross pic of aforementioned head wound at the link.) [Gossip Cop]
  • Kanye West supposedly bought Kris Jenner a $200,000 Bentley, thus making all of our boyfriends’ gifts to our moms look horrible. What is it with rich people buying each other cars? [PopCrush]
  • The plague — yes, the plague — is going around. And one Oregon man got if rom rescuing a mouse from the mouth of his cat. [The FW]
  • A letter to a future gay son, from a future gay father. [Mused Mag]
  • Our very own Amelia on how her luuuurve for soap operas gave her some unrealistic ideas about relationships. [HLTV]
  • Are male movie critics being unfair to the movie “Lola Versus,” starring Greta Gerwig? [Refinery29]
  • Mark Wahlburg dropped out of high school in ninth grade but finally got a high school diploma online. [Celebrity Cafe]
  • Mean new prank: fake celebrity spotting. [Gurl]
  • In a casual relationship, what’s the difference between “honesty” and “TMI”? [Em & Lo]
  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will host an Olympic-themed opening ceremony fundraising party in London’s Victoria & Albert Museum, which Princes William and Harry may attend. [Metro]
  • “Teen Mom” Amber Portwood was transported to an Indiana prison yesterday, where she will serve out a prison sentence for violating parole. She said she plans to get her GED and overcome her substance abuse problems while in prison. We hope that Amber can get the help that she needs.  [US Weekly]

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