Stephen Colbert Defends “Radical Feminist” Nuns

  • Better late than never: it is from Monday night’s show, but I really wanted to post Stephen Colbert coming to the defense of “radical feminist” Catholic nuns. Love you so hard, Stephen. [The Colbert Report]
  • On how Republicans in the House of Representatives are blocking abortion access for our servicewomen. Apparently even if you’re willing to give your life for your own country, that’s not reason enough to get basic women’s health care. (Yes, basic health care: one in three women will have an abortion in her lifetime … including women in the military). [Mother Jones]
  • At Sunday night’s Tony Awards, “Porgy & Bess” star Audra McDonald became the first-ever woman of color to win five Tonys (and only the third woman ever). [Racialicious]
  • Why black transgender woman CeCe McDonald of Minneapolis should not be housed in a male prison. [ColorLines]
  • A Sizzler restaurant in Queens, New York, has paid a lesbian $25,000 after she was viciously attacked by members their staff. [Queerty]
  • Ms. Magazine is 40-years-old this year — and that means its famous first cover starring Wonder Woman — is 40 years old, too! [Huffington Post]
  • Meet Ernestine Sheperd, a 75-year-old bodybuilder and grandma. [Guanabee]
  • Meet Sally Kohn, a Fox News commenter who also happens to be an out lesbian and LGBT activist. [After Ellen]


  • Maternal health activists in Uganda are lobbying the country’s Supreme Court to make the government put more money into the prevention of maternal death. [Washington Post]
  • A new bill regarding child sexual abuse in India has been criticized for being confusing and potentially harmful. [New York Times]
  • Meet the women of the Arab world who are trailblazers in politics. [Chicago Tribune]
  • A French politician says the country hopes to broaden its sexual harassment laws by the end of the summer. [WNCT]
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