UPDATED! Kanye West Tweets Naked Photo Of Kim Kardashian Eating A Banana?!

And then he promptly deleted it. Doesn’t Kanye know the internet never forgets? Full NSFW image, after the jump! [via The Sun UK]

UPDATED: God, the internet is such a tricky trickster! So, TMZ says that this isn’t Kim Kardashian. It’s a porn star named Amia Miley. And that the rumor that Kanye had tweeted this photo, and that it was Kim, was all part of “Wankster Wednesday” where goofballs try to get bogus rumors started. And Kanye’s people say he never posted it. Who to believe? TMZ or The Sun? Regardless of whose butt it is, it’s a nice one. Also, a great ad for the banana industry. [TMZ]