Getting Smooth Survival Guide: Amelia Tests Sally Hansen’s Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit

Summer is just around the corner! Hair removal season has begun! In our “Getting Smooth Survival Guide,” we’ll be testing out various ways to defuzz your body parts, if defuzzing is something you choose to do. (No judgement if you’re happily rocking body hair. Do you, girl.) First up, I allowed cameras to film me, gulp, waxing myself with Sally Hansen’s Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit. Watch the video above and read my review of the product after the jump! Bonus: a close up photo of my just removed pubic hair.

Price/Availability: $5.99, drugstores and online

Packaging: The wax strip kit, depending on which one you buy, comes with dual-sided wax strips that come in a bunch of different sizes. The small strips are great for waxing your eyebrows, chin, lip, etc., while the big strips are ideal for larger area like your legs. The kit also comes with a conditioning oil to use after you’ve waxed.

How To Use ‘Em: As I demonstrated in the video, all you have to do is warm the wax strip by rubbing it between your hands and then pulling the strips apart into two pieces. Then, you apply the strip in the direction of the hair growth, pressing it down nice and tight. To remove — with your hair along with it — you yank in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Voila!

Overall: I’ll be honest, I’ve always thought people who wax at home — especially down there — are cuh-razy. Given the relative cheapness of getting your eyebrows or upper lip waxed at a salon, why bother doing it at home? That said, I was really impressed with how easy and relatively painless it was to wax my own facial areas with the Sally Hansen kit. A couple weeks ago, I realized the night before I left for a wedding that my ‘stache was looking kind of obvious — luckily I had these strips laying around and was able to defuzz my pout before my trip. The strips also worked brilliantly on my arms, which are covered in fine hair. If having arm hair is something that bugs you (I’m kind of meh on mine), the medium/large wax strips will have your limbs smooth in no time.

The main fear I had before trying at home waxing was that I wouldn’t be able to pull as hard as I needed to to get the hair off. I’ve always figured that waxing yourself would be kind of impossible, like trying to tickle yourself is, you know? But the wax in this kit is strong and with a few deep breaths, I had no problem yanking as hard I needed to. 

Now for the piece de resistance. The bikini area. Apparently Kourtney Kardashian waxes her own hoo-ha. When I heard that, my mind was blown. But I also knew the true test of my own at-home waxing strength — and the quality of this product — would be in removing my pubes. So, last night, I did it. Truth time: on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of pain (and I regularly go completely bare down there at the hands of a professional), waxing my mons pubis with Sally Hansen’s wax strips was, like, a six. That’s it! Seriously was not horrible at all. And I got a ton of hair with one try. The downside is that in order to be completely bush-less, I would have had to wax the area many times. However, I think the kit is totally ideal for in between professional waxes, when you want to clean up your bikini line before heading to the beach, etc. I’m not saying I’m going to be break up with my regular waxer, but I am going to keep these strips on hand during the summer, when I don’t want short-and-curlies poking out of my swimsuit.

Yep, those are my pubes.

The Frisky’s Getting Smooth Survival Guide is sponsored by Sally Hansen, but the opinions expressed are our own.