Father’s Day Gift Guide: Dadcessories For The Modern Man

So Father’s Day is this weekend, as well as my dad’s birthday, and the only thing he says he wants is flip-flops. Fortunately, my dad is a pretty easy guy to shop for, because you could get him anything and he’d still feign like he loves it. Socks! Off-brand polo shirts! Gloves! No puppies, though — my mom and I learned that the hard way. As much as I imagine there are many dads out there like my own, who would rather be told “why don’t you just do whatever you want today?” (drink Red Stripes by the pool — hey dad!) than receive a material gift, there’s also dads who like stuff. I like to call this stuff dadcessories: wallets, watches, cuff links, some cool, casual man jewelry, etcetera. Here’s my roundup of ten fabulous, affordable gifts for the dad who’s into a little bit of embellishment.